April 18, 2014


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Hi there!

Last week, we launched our biggest campaign ever, on Kickstarter. Many of our lovely supporters watched our video and made pledges to our Kickstarter project. Thank You!!!

But some of our supporters have reached out and are still asking,"What is this Kickstarter thing?"

We thought we'd explain the significance of it here. 

What is Kickstarter?:





Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform that helps designers like Lotus Premium Denim pitch an idea or project to the world to help raise funding for it. 

Each project is independently created and crafted by the team behind it. It took team Lotus 12 months to build our project, from shooting videos, crafting our pitch, and brainstorming what rewards to offer our backers (aka our supporters). 

Every project has a funding goal and deadline. For Lotus, we aim to raise $20,000 by May 3rd, 2014. If you like what we're doing, you can pledge money to help us make it happen. If we succeed in reaching our funding goal, all backers' credit cards are charged on May 3rd. If our project does not reach $20,000 by our deadline date, no one is charged. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.

Being a backer to our Kickstarter project is more than just pledging money, it's supporting our dream to create something that we want to see exist in the world. 

Why are we doing this?





We are currently bootstrapping our startup. That means that we fund our own production and operating expenses (from our 9-5 paychecks, and sometimes our parents and husbands...#TheStruggleIsReal). This all women run team wants to take Lotus to the top, but need your help. 

With the $20,000 funding we aim to raise on Kickstarter, we want to develop our first full collection and take Lotus Premium Denim to the next level. 

How you can help...





It's very easy to help. Make a pledge and pick a reward level! 

After you pledge, please share us on Facebook.  

Simply click the links below:

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Thank You!!!
April 14, 2014


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Half Way There!!!


Thank you to our 100 backers!!! We are so grateful for your support! 

Hi friends,

Thank you so much for your support. Many of you have backed Lotus on Kickstarter, sent encouraging emails, and posted on Facebook. It's all worked. In just 15 days, we've raised 61% of our $20,000 goal!

We now have a unique opportunity. Out of tens of thousands of Kickstarter projects, only a select few have ever raised $20,000 in 30 days. It's rare and ambitious and awesome. So, we're going for it. But we can only do it with your help.

You can help bring Lotus’ dream to women everywhere and make it part of Kickstarter history:

1. Back us on Kickstarter:
2. Win cool stuff by sharing Lotus with people (see below) 

Thank you sooooo much!!
-The Lotus Team

P.S. To make things fun, we're giving everyone a unique link to our Kickstarter page. Use it to share online. The person who drives the most traffic to our Kickstarter page in the next 5 days will win a $100 visa gift card, and an additional pair of Lotus jeans! Email to get your link.

P.P.S. We would love it if you emailed your closest friends and family about Lotus Premium Denim. We typed something up that you can copy/paste to save time:

Hi _________,

My friend just launched an amazing women’s denim line. It's called Lotus Premium Denim and they offer the perfect fit denim for a forgotten and ignored group of individuals: petite women and those of average height, ranging from 5’7” and under. They need to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter to bring their first full collection to life. They're only $8,000 away. Check it out and if you like it, consider backing it. For $128 you get a pair of premium quality jeans that fit and flatter a woman’s shape beautifully. Check out their cool video here -->


If you haven't made a pledge yet,  
simply click "PLEDGE" below and pick a reward level! 
After you pledge, please share us on Facebook.  

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Thank You!!!

Lotus Now Live on Kickstarter!


After about a year in development, Lotus Premium Denim is now LIVE on Kickstarter! This dream is now a reality! So much heart and soul was poured in this project, and we have a LONG list of people to thank for this moment. We hope you enjoy our video, our story, and especially our rewards being offered in this campaign! Lotus has 29 days in this Kickstarter campaign to share our product, message, and value with the world. Of course that means we need to make our mark pretty loud in the next month. =)  Please help us get there! Here are the simple steps:

1. Watch the video (featuring some beautiful Lotus Women)
2. Read more (check out our infographic, story, product details, and so much more)
3. Pledge (pick a reward level you like and back us!)
4. Share (after your pledge support, we'd love it if you share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and in person with your family and friends! Right click and save the image above for reposting. You can also forward this email along to your contacts)

This Kickstarter campaign allows us to share our story and fund-raise our goal amount of $20,000 so that we can grow as a startup and ultimately provide women with more Lotus jeans, in more styles and washes! Think of pledging as pre-ordering your favorite lotus apparel. If we meet our funding goal by May 3rd, 2014, we hold our promise to manufacture and ship you your order as soon as they're ready!

The moment we've been waiting to share with you is finally here. Please enjoy Lotus on Kickstarter.

Thank you so much for your support! I'd personally love to hear your feedback on our campaign. Sending love and blessings to you today!

Signing off at approximately 4:30 AM... =)

Sarah Coronado
Founder | CEO
March 30, 2014


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Lotus Kickstarter Countdown

It's really happening! Lotus just got approved on Kickstarter, and we're launching next week on April 3rdWe can't wait to share the Lotus Kickstarter project and official video with you. Thank you for your continued support from day 1! It is a dream come true to finally be able to share the Lotus story with so many beautiful people in this world. Till next week! =)

"No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid." - Lupita Nyong'o

Sarah and the Lotus Team
March 14, 2014

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HerStory › Lotus Life ›

All of Me - A Founder's Confession

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you've sacrificed so much, there was absolutely no turning back, no matter how scary things are? Have you ever been confused about how to balance raising a family, working a demanding job, while secretly nurturing your dreams every other waking hour of your life? This is how we're all feeling at Lotus Premium Denim. If you're following our story, you'll recall that we're about to launch our biggest campaign ever on KickStarter. This campaign has been close to a year in the making. We're now in the final week of wrapping up post production editing for our video and finalizing campaign details for submission and approval. Our anticipated launch date is just a few weeks away. The quiet before the storm is precisely where we're at. The conversations, texts, emails, and meetings at Lotus headquarters (basically coffee shops and each other's homes) have been filled with apprehension, excitement, and quite frankly, exhaustion too. 

For any woman or man who've sacrificed everything for something they believe in, who've had the audacity to think for a minute that they're entitled to living the life of their dreams... we want to say Thank You. It's not easy to nurture something out of nothing. But if it makes you feel alive, how can you possibly give it up? When I think about all the sleepless nights, the moments I've missed hanging out with my husband and our little boys, the weekends that were sacrificed from friends and family, coupled with the ongoing demands of running a small business on a shoe string budget, and the obsession with building this brand's story in the most authentic and honest way possible with our amazing community of Lotus women and men, I really don't know how we're doing all of this with so many limitations. A rational person would tell me this is crazy. Why live such a stressful life when a simpler one is available? 

I don't know if I can answer that with sound reason. But what I can tell you is I've tried everything to be happy. And what I'm learning is that happiness doesn't mean "without struggle". Every time I'm fighting to make a decision of whether to stay or leave, I sit still and ask for guidance. When I surrender myself to this chaos inside my head, it always leads me back to Lotus. The love and connection built with the founding team, our Lotus women, ambassadors, fans, clients, and larger community of supporters have healed and inspired me in so many ways. And then I thought, "If this could happen to someone as stubborn as me, imagine what Lotus can do for so many others in this world." A denim line that celebrates a universal kind of beauty. This has honestly been my driving force.

I know it's risky to write something so personal. People will judge you, but we all know the biggest critic is the one in the mirror. Once you heal yourself, you give yourself permission to follow your heart and be truly happy. It's my hope that for anyone who's sacrificed so much for their dreams, please know you're not alone. Greatness takes time, don't rush it. 

Thank you and respectfully,
Sarah Coronado
Founder | CEO
March 06, 2014


Events ›

Lotus Ambassador Rally - JYJZ Boutique, ValleyFair Mall

Thank you to our Lotus Ambassadors who made it to our Rally last week. We will always remember this first rally as the beginning of our community. Positive vibes embraced all around. All we could ever ask for is to be surrounded by souls like our Lotus Ambassadors for the rest of our journey. <3

Lotus Ambassador Rally

Join us this Friday, February 28 from 6pm-9pm for our Lotus Ambassador Rally. Hosted by JYJZ Boutique in Westfield Valley Fair in Santa Clara, CA. Meet the Lotus Premium Denim team, try on some denim, and hear some exciting news we have to share.

Did You Know?

These are some alarming facts! There are 83 million women in the US between ages 25 - 64. And HALF of them are 5'4" and under! This means that average truly is petite, since that's half of the female population! With so many women in this range, no wonder so many of us have a hard time finding the right fitting jeans. In today's denim market, most jeans are cut to fit women who are 5'10" and size 2, which is less than 10% of the female population. Clearly, there's room in the market to address problems around a better fit. 


Lotus Premium Denim was created to address problems around the perfect fit. Any women who's experienced the fitting room nightmare at department stores will tell you that many of the jeans sold in today's market leave them feeling less than perfect in those fitting rooms. It's never easy to walk in with 10 pairs of jeans to try on, and leave empty handed simply because of a bad fit.

With Lotus jeans, we carefully studied the various shapes and fit issues so many us women have experienced and crafted our jeans to lift and enhance the very best of our assets, making denim fittings a happy experience instead of a nightmare. We took our field tests very seriously - we were our own fit models!

If you haven't experienced the Lotus Fit yet, we urge you to come try on our jeans on February 28th at the JYJZ boutique located at Westfield's Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, California. We're holding an All Day pop up shop for our clients. Come meet us and experience the perfect fit with Lotus Premium Denim. If you're out of the area, check us out on our website. We offer complimentary shipping in the US.
Here's hoping your next denim fitting a truly a perfect fit.X

February's Photo A Day Contest!

Be a part of the Lotus Premium Denim February Photo A Day challenge! Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to play along! The first rule is, there are no rules. It's all about being creative and getting involved. Everyone is welcome to participate. For this challenge, we've created a list of words for each day in February, and we want to see photos of what what each word reminds you of. Snap your photos and hashtag #lpdphotoaday. At the end of the month, we will review all of your photos - the person with the most creative photos will win a $100 e-gift card. We can't wait to see what you share with us! 


Kickstarting Lotus Dreams for 2014

Want to know a secret? As you might have known, for the last 2 years the Lotus team and I have been pouring our lives into our baby startup: Lotus Premium Denim. Today, we’re announcing plans for our biggest campaign ever, on Kickstarter!  Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding platform that aids designers like us in raising funds for amazing ideas. Through Kickstarter, people from all around the world can support projects they believe in and are rewarded in the process through exclusive perks. 

We're running this campaign to provide women just like yourself with better fitting jeans, and we're doing it the good old' fashion way--by word of mouth. If you've ever tried on or own a pair of Lotus jeans, you know fit comes first. From proportionate lengths and back pockets, to clean and flattering patterns and silhouettes, we're obsessed with crafting the perfect denim. We sincerely hope you love wearing your LPDs as much as we enjoy seeing you in them. We'd like to offer you even more options, but can't do it without you. All you need to do is sign up as a Lotus Ambassador.  And don't worry, we promise to do all the heavy lifting ;-).

Once you sign up as a Lotus Ambassador, you'll be flown all around the globe, spreading the word of Lotus! Okay, we're kidding (for now), but you will receive a weekly insider email detailing easy ways to advocate the Lotus Kickstarter launch and share the Lotus story. The success of Lotus Premium Denim is in your hands. No pressure ;). With your help, we can take back beauty! 

In just a few weeks, we'll begin filming our campaign video. Here's the fun part. We want to feature YOU, our Lotus Women and friends! Sign up here for more info. This truly is HERstory in the making. 

We’re thrilled to have you join us as a main character in the Lotus story. I want to personally thank you for all the support you've given us and the Lotus brand. There's a saying that goes, "The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling."

Thank you for being a part of this dream!


Sarah Coronado
Founder & CEO
Lotus Premium Denim

P.S. Don't forget to sign up here to become a Lotus Ambassador! THANK YOU!   X
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